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    A New Channel Opened to Expand Canadian Agrochemical Market

    China-Canada Crop Protection Seminar & Agrochemical Exhibition

    The 2nd China-Canada Crop Protection Seminar & Agrochemical Exhibition, organized by us, CCPIT Sub-council of Chemical Industry, and co-organized by Hanson Industry Company and Farms.com Ltd. kicked off on July 16 in Saskatoon, the capital of Saskatchewan, a large agricultural province of Canada. After the Seminar, we organized Chinese enterprises to visit the Ag in Motion, western Canada’s first outdoor farm expo, and local pesticide importers, dealers, retailers, distribution warehouse of agricultural inputs and the University of Saskatchewan.

    At the Seminar, Ms. Dong Qingli, Director Division1 in CCPIT CHEM delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the organizer.

     In her welcome speech, Ms. Dong interpreted the development of China’s pesticide industry, import and export, and the trade between China and Canada; she also explained the implementation of new pesticide management policies in China and the industry development under the new environmental protection policies.

    Mr. Joe Dales, Co-founder and Vice President of Farms introduced the agricultural situation in Canada.

    In his report, Mr. Joe introduced the main crops and acreage under cultivation in 2016, including 24.7 million acres of wheat, 22.74 million acres of rapeseed and 6.32 million acres of soybeans, and 193,492 farms and 158.7 million acres of land owned by 271,935 farmers owned. Besides, he shared with the current situation of agriculture, the application of new technology, the development of precision agriculture and the distribution channel of agricultural inputs Canada.

     Dr. Shuyou Han, General Manager of Hanson Industry Company, introduced Canadian pesticide market, registration management, major dealers, and the suggestion on products which Chinese enterprises should pay close attention to in Canadian market.

    He pointed out that Canadian pesticide market was valued at USD 1.8 billion in 2017, ranking the eighth in the world. He said that the pesticides used locally were dominated by herbicide, with the sales volume exceeding 50% of the total. Dr. Han also detailed Top 10 herbicides, insecticides and fungicides used for wheat and canola, in addition to the plantation conditions of major crops in Canada, and shared the registration of popular pesticides, data compensation and the pesticides suitable for registration to Chinese enterprises.

    Mr. Tom Wolf from AgriMetrix emphasized on the application of local pesticides, fertilizer spray equipment; representatives of local farmers introduced the development of local farms and important issues need to be taken into account when choosing dealers and products; representatives of Chinese enterprises outlined their own corporate situations and products advantages.

    During the seminar, Dalian Join King Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Iprochem Co., Ltd., Shandong Cynda Chemical Co., Ltd., Sichuan Guoguang Agrochemical Co., Ltd., Anhui Huaxing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Beijing Sail-go Consulting Co., Ltd. as well as Suntton Co., Ltd. had an in-depth, face-to-face exchange with 20-plus enterprises including agrochemical importers, dealers, retailers, farmers and agricultural service providers.

    Before the seminar, Chinese enterprises had visited Colborn Farms and investigated Saskatchewan’s agricultural and farm development to have an in-situ understanding of local agricultural technology development.

    Founded in 1910, Colborn Farm ,a local medium-sized, possesses 7,000 acre land and invests CAD 1.2 million in agricultural inputs every year, its mainly crops are canola, wheat, soybean, barley and other beans; it mainly uses Glyphosate, 2,4-D, Clodinafop-propargyl, Clethodim, Paraquat, Prothioconazole + Tebuconazole and other agrochemicals; local farms are also plagued by dandelion, clover, cleavers and other herbicide-resistant weeds that are hard to control; Colborn is highly mechanized with the main agricultural machinery including large sowing, pesticide spraying and reaping machines from John Deere. In addition, the delegation also watched the operation demonstration of large pesticide spraying machines.

    During the visit, Chinese enterprises paid special visits to more than 10 agrochemical distributors that participated in the show, and watched field efficacy experiments by BASF, Bayer, Corteva (a new brand of DowDuPont’s Agriculture Division) and local well-known agricultural technology enterprises, and demonstrations of large agricultural machines.

    The visit to Ag in Motion has provided an insight into crop solutions, main agrochemical varieties and application methods of different enterprises, latest advance in the application of seed treating technologies, field management effect of herbicide-resistant weeds and practical effect of plant growth regulators.

    On July 18, Chinese enterprises were organized to visit local large agrochemical product distribution warehouse and local agrochemical distributor GNG.

    The agrochemical product distribution warehouse covers an area of 110,000 square feet (10,000 square meters) for agrochemicals, fertilizers, seeds etc.; BASF, Syngenta, Monsanto, DowDuPont, Bayer, local agrochemical and fertilizer distributors and seed dealers have rented the warehouse to store their products; at present, the warehouse mainly stores 10-plus local popular agrochemicals like Glyphosate, 2,4-D and MCPA. Through the on-site visit, Chinese enterprises has gained a basic understanding of staple products sold by major agrochemical enterprises in Saskatoon, thus helping them put their future product layout and market development in perspective.

    At present, GNG has over 30 pesticides registration approval in PMRA and 154 dealers; more than 10 products are on sale including Glyphosate, Quinclorac and Prothioconazole + Tebuconazole, some of which come from China; it looks forward to more registration cooperation with Chinese enterprises in the future.

    During the visit to the retail stores of CO-OP, the person in charge of the store introduced that the company mainly sells agricultural machines, chemical fertilizer, pesticide and seed, owning numerous terminal retail stores with agronomists in different regions for professional services. Glyphosate and 2,4-D have the largest sales among pesticide products.

    During the visit to Canada, Chinese enterprises visited the University of Saskatchewan and Professor Wei Yangdou of Department of Biology.

    The University of Saskatchewan has an authority in the field of agricultural research in Canada. The greenhouse of Canadian Academy of Agricultural Sciences is near to this university, which shows the university’s status and influences in agricultural field of Canada. Professor Wei’s research is mainly focused on phytopathology. His team are now studying canola plasmodiophora brassicae, the disastrous disease to rape, cabbage and mustard. The disease shall be paid urgent attention and studied by all the people related to the production and scientific research of pesticide. Therefore, the development of the pesticide treating the disease will have broad prospects.

    During the visit, we found the local agriculture centers on Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba. During the visit to Ag in Motion, we also found that both multinational enterprises and local companies display the using effects of plant growth regulator mixed with pesticide and fertilizer mainly through field experiment and demonstration. Plant growth regulator is gradually being used in Canadian agriculture, enjoying great prospects. Therefore, relevant Chinese enterprises shall actively push this forward.

    In the Ag in Motion, the enterprises mainly interpreted the comprehensive solution of agriculture and technology that is also the future direction for the agriculture field. The solution combines pesticide, used in a reasonable and scientific way, with seed treating technology, fertilizer, plant growth regulator, immune inducers and activator.

    By the visit to Canada, Chinese enterprises get to know nearly 30 local enterprises related to areas such as pesticide registration, import, operation and distribution and application. Participants have got great answers to the questions in the visit: How is the Canadian agriculture? How is its pesticide market? How to register pesticide? What kind of pesticide shall be registered? How to sell pesticide? Who the pesticide shall be sold to? Who is applying pesticide? How to apply pesticide?

    We believe that a new channel for Chinese agrochemical enterprises to expand the local market will be opened by this visit to Canada.

    Notes: For the core benefits of participants and confidentiality, specific details are hidden or codes are used in case of involving concrete terms, including the names of Canadian agrochemical product distributors, importers, mainly sold products and products of interest. We apologize for any inconvenience we may cause!

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